Sunday, May 23, 2004

This is not America
by Feridun

Saturday, May 22, 2004


I am very angry about what happening now in America. Firstly, couple weeks ago I started to hear the news about abused iraqi prisoner in Iraq. It was very ashamed to be a human as same as the people who did those stuff to the prisoner. I was outraged how people could get so much cruel and sadist. However, I started to think from their way. I tried to find any justification why people could do inhuman things such abusements what seeing and hearing in the media. I couldn't find, except they must be animals.

Now, today I read some article about abusements again, but this time it was here. Here in America, middle of New York. It was about Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). It is located in New York.

After 9/11, in this particular place, where 84 of the 762 Muslim immigrants who were detained after Sept. 11 were held. Most of those Muslims were held with any charges and were even not allowed to see any visitors including their lawyers. During their stay, which took most of the about 12 months, they were tortured and abused in similar way what happened in Iraq, even there are existing pictures and videos taken from the guards.

I am realy upset how these stuff can and happens here and everywhere else. This country should be the country of justice and democracy. However, if something like this happens here then this country is no difference then nazi governed Germany between 1930 to 1945. At that time the "scapegoats" were the Jews and now here the same thing happens to the Muslims.

And we all now about the holocaust.

If you want read the articles about in english and german I added the links.

Article in
Article in

your Feridun

by Feridun

Friday, May 21, 2004

First Blog

This is for me the first Blog. I decided to these to write for myself and maybe for people who are interested to read my articles. I will write most of time about emerging technology and usage for people. It will be about entertainment and information. I will write about stuff which will help us.

We are people who can read and share information. If we are listening and observing carefully we can learn about other people and what they are thinking. Therefore, blogging is a great tool for us to fullfill our needs for share and communicating. I believe this is the greatest desire for everybody and desires should be fullfilled.
Therefore, I am saying lets share and communicate to fullfill our desires.

your Feridun