Monday, January 30, 2006

Shinning Star☆☆: お父さん。 My Dad

Shinning Star☆☆: お父さん。 My Dad


I have similar story. Since 1999 I was most of the time away from my father and mother. Because of them I had possibility to study abroad.

Everytime, I visit back home, I try to be all the time with them.

I realized that the best time for them is when their children is with them.

Even, I am now not with my parents, I am calling everyday. It makes so happy to get a call from me. It makes me also happy.

Nowadays, everybody running after luck. However, they forget the luck and happiness was always with them, by their parents and family.

It is important that you take care your family. It is not difficult to make our parents happy. It is most of the time to call. It is so nice to get a call from your children.

Mayu you are really doing great job, that you spend time with your father. Later on it will be difficult to find quality time with your father.

Also, later on when we have own children we want have children, who take cares us and likes to have time with us.


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