Sunday, October 29, 2006


Today, I installed the new version of Firefox which the version is 2.0.

I recommend everybody to use or update to this version because first of all it is much more safer then earlier versions.

More importantly if you use still the old internet explorer 6.0 then it is a must update if you feel that your browser takes ages to open websites. In this case means that your browser and system is full of spywares and other dangerous programs, which makes your computer slow.

So, get soon and get comfortable. in your language

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hiragana I

Today I seriously started learning japanese.

As first I started learning Hiragana. I used to learn the "HIRAGANA and KATAKANA Works Sheets" form the Meguro Language Center.

Todays goal was for me to learn the first 10 characters in Hiragana, which was "a,i,u,e,o and ka,ki,ku,ke,ko". This is the second page of the book.

They are:

あ い う え お and  か き く け こ

It looks so easy but I have still difficulties to remember them.

In the end there was a quiz to see if you learnt all those.

aka (red) __________ あか_________
ao (blue) ___________あお_________
aki(autumn) ________あき_________
ika (squid) _________いか_________
kao (face)__________かお_________
ike (pond)__________いけ_________
koe (voice)_________こえ__________
ie (house)__________いえ_________
kaki (persimmon)____かき__________
ookii (big)__________おおきい______
ue (on top) _________うえ__________

My problem is that after I learn the first five characters I cannot anymore remember the sixth one. I guess I have too small shorttime memory.

Anyway, I am very determined to learn as soon as possible Japanese.