Thursday, January 25, 2007

Investing in Japan (Nintendo)

If you are in Japan and thinking for an investment you should consider buying stocks.

In Japan there is many online trading companies which you can sign up to buy stocks. My recommendation is Monex, which has pretty good deals and lots of resources to get information about stocks and other investment possibilities.

Using Monex you have pretty good freedom to buy stocks using tools such Mini Investment(english). This means you can buy even stock with 10000 Yen starting with this possibility.

If you are searching nowadays for a good investment, I would recommend Nintendo (TYO:7974). The stock showed a good performance in the last year term and also as a company it had solid numbers on profits.

Also whoever knows about Wii will know that is good console which will be compare to other console such as Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 better sales, because of its unique interface which speaks for more broader public.

As of Thursday, January 25th 2007 the Closing Price of the Stock in the Tokyo Stock Market was 33350¥. According to many analyst it has good solid possibilty of 40000 ¥ or more.

What do you think about Nintendo and it's stock? Should we be part of it?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Istanbul by NHK ( Worldheritage)

NHK has a TV show about World Heritage, which you can see more information in this page:

Nowdays theme is Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey and the only city which is on two continents, Europe and Asia. It was Capital of two of the most biggest Empires of the World, Byzantine Empire and the latter Ottoman Empire.

I found torrent file, where you can download the TV show also another homepage, which you can see directly.

The TV Show is in Japanese. There is lots of information regarding Istanbul, also it is fun to watch. It is moderated by Chiaki Kamakura.




Sunday, January 07, 2007

Find Qiblah in Japan

With emerging of API's of diverses Website's it is now easy to create usefull services for people, such as in this case.

The website is locating the qiblah (the red line on picture), which shows the direction in which moslems has to face during prayers, through input of the location which you put in. The website uses maps and services of the Google Maps.

For moslems, who move to another country, such as in my case moved to Japan, have problem to find easily stuff such as the qiblah daily prayer.

It is a really good example of using the existing services to create another services, which is for people very usefull.

I am saying in this case maybe usage of GPS and some Smartphone or PDA this application can be used and modified as mobile solution to find the Qibla on the go, such as travelling.

Thanks for the services to ibn Mas'ud which wrote this project on his blog, which can be interesting to see the comments.

Website can be found under

Monday, January 01, 2007

Maskeli Aylin

Today was very interesting news in Hurriyet, most sold Newspaper in Turkey.

The story is about a girl, who is selling her striptease video on ebay.

Her name is Aylin, according to her Blog Maskeli Aylin (Aylin with a Mask in english). She says she is a student and ask for financial help.

She put the first of the video on her Myspace page and if people wants to see more they have to bid on ebay for the whole video.

When I read this news early in the morning the price of the bid was only 100 $. But late in the night the price was unbelieveable 12000 $.

This is the power of internet. Why in the earth people want to pay for a video that much money?

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